Welcome to modoboa-amavis’s documentation!

This plugin provides a simple management frontend for amavisd-new. The supported features are:

  • SQL quarantine management: available to administrators or users, possibility to delete or release messages
  • Per domain customization (using policies): specify how amavisd-new will handle traffic
  • Manual training of SpamAssassin using quarantine’s content


The per-domain policies feature only works for new installations. Currently, you can’t use modoboa with an existing database (ie. with data in users and policies tables).


This plugin requires amavisd-new version 2.7.0 or higher. If you’re planning to use the Self-service mode, you’ll need version 2.8.0.


$sql_partition_tag should remain undefined in amavisd.conf. Modoboa does not support the use of sql_partition_tag, setting this value can result in quarantined messages not showing or the wrong messages being released or learnt as ham/spam.